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We believe that, through our expertise and foresight in the Fine Wine market you will benefit from the opportunities we are able to identify and thus generate maximum returns for your holding. We tailor make portfolios to suit our client’s wants and needs. Our aim is to help you achieve your personal and financial goals through a market with a proven track record.

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"Since the 1950s, fine wine has shown an average of 1% compound interest per month"

- Source: The Successful Investor

"Best performing investment of the decade."

- Source: Reuters

Investing Strategies: Wine vs. Gold

June 2013: Bloomberg’s Alix Steel reports on the divergence between gold and wine value, and their subsequent investment strategy.

(Source: Bloomberg)


Why the wine market . . .

Fine wine has outperformed almost every major financial index over the past two decades, in some cases it has topped 20+% per annum.

Tax Efficient Investment

Your fine wine investment is exempt from duty and VAT and, in theory; profits are exempt from Capital Gains Tax. Please note that we advise you to consult a financial institution or an IFA for clarification.

DRC Vs Regional Indices

Liquid Opulence

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